Processing at a glance


All beautiful slabs begin their journey from Quarries, where they are mined from earthen sources.

Block Processing Units

Blocks so obtained from quarries are then ferried to processing units or Factories that are then Cut and sized up as per need, before being moved to the next stage of operation.

Rough slabs from Blocks

Blocks are then shaped into blocks using either a Gang-saw machine, a Multi wire saw or a multi-cutter as per dimension of slabs.

Treating with epoxies

Rough Slabs are treated with epoxies / resins to fill in for the cavities and to amend porosity as well as grant a tone to the ground slabs.


Polishing is done by multi headed line polishers, where treated slabs undergo the final touches and emerge as the wonderful final products.

Ready at last

Finally the beautiful and marvellous slabs are ready and sorted for quality to be applied be it floors, walls, kitchen, counter / vanity tops, tables and many more places.